Thursday, July 2, 2009


where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom...

I've been learning about prayer...reading about what TK calls "mini-pentecosts," deposits of the Spirit and the power that is involved...our God is so creative :) throughout history, the revival that is rooted in corporate prayer is remarkable...oh that we would pray together...all the "mini-pentecosts" in scripture have 2 things in common...first that there is a continual need to renew the fullness of the Spirit, and second that the fullness is generally connected to prevailing prayer, especially in the face of a challenge...why is there need for renewal? we keep forgetting the goodness of our God and worshipping other people and things..we keep looking for rest for our souls in relationships and money and "security" instead of in the only place we will ever find rest for our souls..

"my soul finds rest in God ALONE" ps.62

3 of my best friends are coming to visit this weekend :) my sister Alisa is coming and I'm so excited to see her and spend time with her, it's been way too long...i love knowing her...Rachel's coming, too...we've been through so much together, our friendship has taken quite the beating and now it's a beautiful picture of the grace of God and the reality of the gospel, commitment and a relationship that's not about how you feel but about Jesus goes a long way in the face of struggle...Becca's coming, too...she was my first best friend at PC, we were suitemates...and then we were roommates and we've fought through some really hard things and had to be really honest with each other, and we've learned so much about grace and life and joy that is found in's especially fun that she's coming since she's been in China for 2 years! it's nice to be within driving distance.. not that thousands of miles and 6 plane rides stopped me :)

I love my new apartment. and my new roommates. so much. there'll be more words for that later...right now I'm just enjoying it :)

time to get ready for a nap...yay for working nights!