Thursday, December 10, 2009

'tis the season

today was a great day! Ellen and I slept late and then woke up and ate pancakes, then we went to Barnes and Noble and read for a few hours with coffee and tea, of course...then we ate Panera for dinner and went to the grocery store...then I went to my work Christmas party where I ate great food and hung out with great people! now I'm watching a movie with doesn't get much better :) the only sad part is that I think I'm getting a cold...guess I took care of one too many kids with one too many bugs...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

around the world

we're doing a bake sale and a raffle at the hospital to raise money so that we can buy Christmas presents and such for 2 of our families that can't afford it...i decided i would make an "Around the World" basket...nichole and i planned to go to world market tomorrow to get stuff. then, i looked in my room. i found 2 bookmarks from Guatemala, a purse from Zambia, a picture frame from Paris, 2 necklaces, a bookmark, and a good luck charm from China, and Masala simmer sauce to represent India. my friend Jenny's bringing me German candy. that's a pretty sweet basket already and i haven't even made it to world market yet. ha!

being a change agent

sometimes i wonder if i say everything i should. or if i say more than i should. or if anyone even cares.

today I went to several mini-conferences about family-centered rounds. in pediatrics, we're starting a new way of doing rounds, meeting at the bedside with the nurse, family, and patient present for the entirety of the rounding all the while allowing the nurse, the patient, and the family to have a voice throughout. amazing. i can't wait to see this implemented with my patients. it's going to change the quality of my nursing care for the better. today i was reminded that i love being a part of a team and i love talking about ways to do the things that we do better, more efficiently, and with more love and consideration for our patients. i feel like it's God answering my frequent prayer that He would let me glimpse some of His redemption within the context of health care. there's so much brokenness but every once in a while, we do something right. i met with residents, interns, attendings, NP's, social workers, faculty MD's, and med students today and each of us agreed that the care of our patients would improve if we implemented this type of rounding into our norm. can we do it? i think so. but someone has to bite the bullet and take the risk of being the first to try. change is hard but it's worth the struggle if what emerges is a system that empowers our patients and families, allows every member of the team to have a voice, streamlines the efficiency of our jobs, and ultimately leads to better overall care and outcomes for the kids we love. i so hope today wasn't wasted.