Saturday, April 21, 2012

201. sleeping babies
202. happy babies
203. the sweet little baby I'm taking care of this weekend
204. I don't have to be alone at all for 2 whole days
205. that it's ok to be sad
206. hope for the future
207. books
208. God reveals himself in his word
209. a solid church and community that really love me
210. the church
211. we're all broken and messy together in pursuit of glory
212. the gift of freedom from self righteousness
213. humility that comes in creative ways
214. the ability to be a tiny bit proud of my weight loss for a second before I believe the lies
215. the road I've walked
216. people notice my weight loss
217. knowing that losing weight is a gift from God
218. he's blessing obedience in taking care of myself in a godly way
219. I won't be done this side of heaven
220. He'll never leave me
221. struggle and tears; a sign of healing
222. pain that's worth it
223. understanding that comes only from the Lord
224. Anne
225. peace in big decisions
226. time to rest
227. long walks
228. it is a cosmic impossibility for God to shortchange His children
229. I am his daughter
230. He is my Father

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


181. getting my daily dose of Matt Chandler in person!
182. Shane and Shane
183. and their ability to usher a group of people into true, powerful worship
184. Matt's not afraid to step on people's toes
185. and God has gifted him immensely in sharing the gospel
186. catching up with old friends
187. the small world that lets me run into old friends
188. a sweet brother who reminds me of God's pursuit of his people
189. a sweet sister who reminds me that joy is rooted deep and contagious
190. people who aren't afraid to dance and raise their hands in worship
191. the rain
192. old emails that help me grieve
193. wise advice from a friend on transition
194. tomorrow's Thursday
195. sleeping in...ish
196. salmon burgers
197. fresh fruit
198. living alone for a few days
199. a new book in discipleship
200. a promise that God loves me and delights in me

Monday, April 16, 2012

again and again

161. new mercies every morning
162. grace for not-so-wise choices
163. victory promised in my sweet Savior
164. long walks with a dear friend
165. God's provision in the form of a dear friend
166. the look on an 8 year old nephew's face when he opens his bday present
167. the "rockstar aunt" status that lasts for a few hours after receipt of said present
168. knowing him well enough to know that he'd love it
169. hugs and kisses from a tiny best friend
170. baby kicks
171. the anticipation of baby's arrival
172. fresh tomatoes, locally grown
173. Gluten free hamburger buns from Trader Joe's!
174. fresh picked strawberries
175. a busy week
176. 21st century communication abilities
177. tulips, two-toned
178. tomorrow is one step closer to redemption in full
179. bedtime!
180. sweet sleep that is restful

Friday, April 13, 2012


121. honey nut chex
122. hulu plus
123. long walks in beautiful weather
124. good sermons
125. the conviction of the Holy Spirit
126. friends who care about me
127. a love for reading
128. excitement for a new season
129. the ability to grieve loss
130. the friend who taught me to grieve loss
131. flowers
132. zucchini lasagna
133. a surprise visit from my mom and step dad
134. cool iphone updates
135. sleep
136. reese's cups are gluten free
137. as is most candy (which is actually not helpful in life)
138. but it tastes lovely!
139. new t-shirts
140. earbuds
141. a ticket to Honduras
142. Honduras only a month away
143. diet snapple peach tea packets
144. a heart for the nations
145. no idea what's next for me, which strengthens my faith
146. "think less for your preference and more for the kingdom"
147. freedom to be who I am
148. joy in repentance and faith
149. community that loves
150. freedom to say no when I need to and not worry about losing love
151. forgiveness and grace when things aren't quite right
152. renter's insurance
153. little boy birthdays
154. best friend birthdays--lots in April!
155. peace that passes understanding fleshed out in my week
156. a soft heart
157. the promise that the Lord surrounds me
158. and knows me
159. and provides endlessly
160. and cherishes and delights in me the way I long to be cherished and loved

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


71. taco tuesday
72. friends who go to taco tuesday
73. and who humor my obsession with fro yo
74. people who protect me
75. and who don't have to work very hard to love me
76. kind words
77. wisdom, the kind God says to ask for in James 3
78. a God who keeps his promises
79. soft blankets
80. wise counsel
81. hugs
82. friends who understand my heart
83. books that challenge me
84. the adoration of a sweet 7 year old girl
85. fun, careless rapport with a 14 year old kid
86. smiles on sick kids' faces
87. memories with old friends
88. the addition of new friends
89. Jason, Sara, and Haley
90. my sewing machine
91. Easter baskets
92. jelly beans. all 9 brands I've consumed in the past 2 days
93. the fact that 9 brands of jelly beans exist
94. and they're all good!
95. vegetables to balance out the extreme amount of candy I've eaten
96. diet coke
97. the perfect weather to sit outside and catch up with friends
98. a life worth living
99. hot tub
100. Hunger Games book 1
101. a roommate who likes to read aloud
102. walks around the neighborhood
103. sisters
104. one of which is moving to NC in a few months!
105. 3 extra vacation days in the summer
106. a trip to Honduras
107. the ability to get out of this country
108. a heart for the nations
109. coupons
110. enough money to give
111. Love that lasts
112. a Savior who embodies that love
113. horses who are therapists with fur
114. volunteer opportunities
115. a teenage girl who just wants to be around me
116. 2 concerts coming up: Shane and Shane, and JJ Heller with Audrey Assad!
117. people who want to go with me to aforementioned concerts
118. women and men who sing my heart when I don't have the words
119. humility
120. words

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gratitude continued

two posts in one day...woah!

43. my job
44. a manager who understands life
45. and encourages me with scripture
46. Corey and Olivia
47. Sara and her gentle kindness and empathy
48. baby girl clothes
49. feelings that serve as warnings and signposts
50. my mama
52. raspberry soy white mocha goodness
53. weight loss
54. being 181
55. Psalm 125:1-2
56. randomly running into Corey at Starbucks
57. the mountains surrounding Jerusalem
58. the concept of being surrounded
59. Laura's willingness to work for me
60. Laurie's desire to work for Laura
61. the way God just works things out
62. email
63. this deep joy that comes from being loved
64. Alisa got her internship!!!!
65. and it's in NC!!!
66. answered prayer
67. love and selflessness in little glimpses
68. a promise that this isn't our home
69. tater tots
70. Hulu where I can watch Castle

worth it

a sweet friend sent me this today...I am worth protecting and that is something that I have a hard time believing sometimes but it really is true. My friends are wonderful and they surround me and protect me and help me to feel God's love in a tangible way. I am so blessed.