Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Fear not little flock, for it is the Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom"

i haven't posted in a while. not because i haven't had anything to say but more because i've had so much to say that typing it all overwhelms me a bit.

i have lots of bruises from taekwondo tonight. it kinda feels good to know that i fought enough to get them. it's been awhile.

tonight i made dinner for one of my friends. it's a good feeling to make dinner for someone for a change instead of always having dinner made for me (although that's great to). just another sign that i'm done with school and coming up for air. :)

there's this boy that i wish would pursue me. but he's so out of my league.

lots of my friend are getting engaged! first Taryn a couple weeks ago, then Cindy, then Renee! i'm so excited for them...and so excited that i get to be in at least one of the weddings :) i LOVE being a bridesmaid!

i'm so thankful for this season of sabbath. but i don't want to get complacent here. i'm praying that even though i'm looking forward to the more "stable" adult life, that the Lord would meet me and never let me forget.

i'm excited about starting work saturday night. it's about time i got on the floor again! i have the best job ever..

i talked to a guy on the phone about missions today. my latest longing is to go to Mali. it's in africa, the national language is french, and the ministry is a children's hospital...not sure there's anything that would be a better fit for me. i wish i could go soon. but i don't think it's wise at this point.

i had an awesome birthday this year. my friends love me so so well...it was such a reminder to me of the Lord's sweet provision for my life here in Durham. He is so good to me and i can point to all of the ways that He has been faithful to "give me the kingdom" here.

i'm praying about leading a small group in the fall for girls who've just graduated college. it's just such a hard transition and you need girls who have been there and are willing to love you through the hard parts and speak truth to you when it doesn't seem possible to believe it. maybe the Lord will call me to that. we'll see. i think it could be good. not to mention, i miss discipling girls so much...

ok, i need to go to bed. but i could write so much more. later.

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