Tuesday, June 9, 2009

busy day

i was doing so well today..until i found the chocolate cake in the fridge...it was getting dry, someone needed to eat it :) yum!

today was an insane day at the hospital...i started out with 5 kids (not too bad usually) but they were all pretty med heavy around the 8-9 o'clock hour so that got me started running...then one of my kids was scheduled to leave around 10 so paperwork had to be done for him and of course they scheduled a PICC placement on my other kid at the same time and needed me to do conscious sedation all while another kid was getting circumcised...whew! thankfully, the PICC got postponed because of someone else's mis-communication...i love it when it's not my fault! so then in the midst of all this, they call me for report on a new kid i was getting...meanwhile, they're altering the orders on all of my kids...crazy whirlwind of madness! AND an interviwee was shadowing me, which was great but i felt bad cause it was crazy! so, i sent one to rehab, fed two, sedated one, held one, took out 4 IV's, changed a few diapers, sent another one home, fetched lots of popsicles and ginger ale, sent another one home, had a heart to heart with an irrational homesick 6-year-old, got a new kid, did some paperwork, all while falling in love with 6 precious children...

my feet hurt and i didn't eat until 4:30pm...but it's worth it...AND everything got done! it's a miracle! thanks to my awesome co-workers who check PCA's and run flushes and document vitals..

someone looked at me today and said "you seem so calm..aren't you a new grad?"...i said yep. and then i said "no use in stressing out..it'll all get done" so i'm thankful for the peace that Jesus is to my heart especially in the midst of a day like today...

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