Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Well, I'm more convinced than ever that the Lord is calling me to overseas missions at some point in my life...the question is when, where, and with whom?

some nuggets from Perspectives tonight to chew on:

"We read about all these missionaries who led lives that really made a difference but the reality is it was their God that made the difference-and that is the God that we serve and the take home message is the immense power that lies in ONE surrendered life"

"2 things that are consistent in the life story of every missionary: 1. someone of some credibility always tries to disqualify them or discourage them just before they embark on what God is calling them to and 2. great suffering - there's always a cost to be paid but the testimony is faith that is tested and prevails through victorious suffering"

"He who doesn't read is no better off than he who can't"

"Expect great things from God and attempt great things for God"-W. Carey--notice that God is the source..

"the field is the world...find 2 or 3 faithful people to pray with and do the next thing God tells you to do!"

"move man, through God, by prayer alone" -H. Taylor

"I besought God to give me a cause that would be an outlet for the love and gratitude that I had overflowing from my heart and He gave me the mission field"

"the goal is always to extend the glory of God"

"As now, so then" --prepare yourself for the mission field. live a simple life. buy what you need to live and release the leftover resources to the Kingdom efforts around the world. "redefine the good life"-- the spiritual disciplines won't just happen upon you when you leave for the field, prayer, time with the Lord, community, healthy habits are things that must be worked on here and now in order to prepare for being there and then.

"YOU ARE INVOLVED IN A WIN-ABLE WAR!" --there are 600 evangelical churches in the world for every 1 unreached people group

Single women can accomplish great things for the kingdom...things that men and married couples simply cannot do.

are you saying to the Lord, "cause nations to be affected by my life"

"you won't have much time for yourself"

"I am willing to fail. Risks are not to be measured in terms of the probability of success but in terms of the value of the goal" -R. Winter

--I think I will go soon. I'm praying and the more I pray, the more the Lord says "Go!" We'll see..

I'm so thankful for Perspectives...it's so good for my heart and it protects my vision for the kingdom of God in my generation..it makes me think and pray and long for healing and redemption among these people groups who have never even heard the name of Jesus.

Jesus, make your name great..

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