Friday, May 14, 2010

for freedom

Some days I don't feel like a very good nurse. today, I felt like a good nurse. I felt free today. and joyful. in a way that has escaped me for a while now. there were moments where I was so busy I couldn't stop to think but at that very moment, I could have burst into tears of joy at the sweet relationships I was able to build and the people I connected with on a level so much deeper than "can you get me some apple juice?" Trust me, some days as a nurse are "can you get me some apple juice?" kind of days. today was a day of freedom. I felt more free today than I have in a long time and i'm surprised that it was a work day. I felt purposeful today and I was reminded often that my purpose comes from a sweet Savior who rescued me from darkness and gave me life. One who teaches me to love selflessly, who slows my anger and excites my heart with the truth, who reminds me that my life is not about me and my joy comes from loving and serving others because that is how He made me. I want so badly to experience freedom from so many things and I tasted it today. I was made for joy and freedom. not sorrow and bondage. I'm a mess, for real. and I run from freedom more often than I care to admit. I think I forget sometimes how great it is. A friend prayed for me yesterday and one of the specific things she asked was that I would know and believe God's abundant love for me and that I would experience His freedom. I think we can check that off as an answered prayer for today.

"It is for freedom that Christ has set us free..." Gal. 5

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