Saturday, October 30, 2010

reexamining worth

My finger on the pulse of reality
a depth too great to embrace
barren emptiness without definition
spoken only in the language of the soul

Tears wrung out of a fragile heart
as bricks stacked high dissolve
laying bare emotion for scrutiny
freeing layers of comfortable fear

A gentle hand holds steady
the sign post, the mirror, the light
as love and wisdom fill where
confusion and fear have reigned

A battle rages, balance the prize,
for a delicate line that bewilders reason
and a wholeness that eludes
even the brightest mind

A bottomless pool seemed shallow
in the presence of blinded eyes
profound weight kept distant
bears heavy on the heart

Liberation taunts, promising much
with familiar bondage close behind
Love's definition precarious
on the edge of shame and loss

Despair shouts at the top of its lungs
while hope whispers softly
audible against the chaos
not yet tangible beyond the wall

Grace upon grace bestowed around
unfathomable streams of love
support and clarity filter through dusty lenses
where worth is reexamined at long last

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