Saturday, December 4, 2010

a quote that resonates

"We walk the healing path alone and lonely at times. Moments specifically designed for each of us to take us through the valley and into the desert, where God woos us with his strange, wild love. But the majority of our journey is meant to be traveled with a few others...Mutual encouragement takes into account our history, continues to dream in spite of obstacles, and enters each other's hearts through sorrow and laughter, taking one more step toward the day. We are to gather together in churches, coffee shops, conference rooms, and on riverbanks to scan the horizon for the day. The Day of the Lord is ahead. Soon. Even if it doesn't arrive for another millennium, it's soon. And we are to band with a few mad watchers of the sky who know what it means to sip a good drink and send up a burnt offering of smoke as we reflect on today's spilt blood and tomorrow's battle. We need to count the day's losses and gains for glory. Accountability is little more than learning "to do math" with others as our comprehension of life's complex theorems deepens, and as we learn to figure the numbers we have been dealt." -Dan Allender, The Healing Path

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