Monday, August 9, 2010

a random assortment of thought

I sat down with the intention to check my email and be done with my computer but I somehow made it to this little empty box so, I guess I'll fill it with thoughts. :)

I miss my friends. the ones who've up and left me this summer. I'm learning a lot from it and the Lord is providing and blessing my alone time. but I still miss my friends.

today I floated to the PICU at work. It was exciting in some ways but also pretty nerve-wracking in many other areas. I felt like I was learning new things but I'm not a huge fan of learning things one moment and being responsible for them the next. or being responsible for something I have never seen and know nothing about. that's always good for a little dose of panic. alas, I survived my 4-hour stint in Intensive Care and I'm reminded how much I love my unit and the kids I take care of. the kid I took care of today in the PICU will eventually make it to my unit but in a few days he'll be a little less fragile with about 5 fewer tubes of access into his body. that's how I like them. I am so very thankful for my job. I'm so spoiled to have had this awesome of a job for my first experience as a nurse.

I'm pondering moving overseas. I think it might actually happen. stay tuned for more info to come.

I love skype.

KFC potato wedges are going to be the death of me and my efforts to make wise food choices. but they are SO yummy...

should I join a gym? I can't decide if I'll actually go or not. nor am I sure that I have the money to do such things.

k, my eyes are droopy. time for bed.

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