Wednesday, January 14, 2009

and then we had a Chinese welcome party!

It is very Chinese to sing and dance for eachother at a party so Becca and I serenaded our guests with many songs on the guitar! We sang Starry Host, O Love That Will Not Let Me Go, Ice Ice Baby, Silent Night (they love Christmas music)...and lots of others. We also shagged for them to "Carolina Girls"! They LOVED it and a few of them were willing to learn was great fun!
These girls sang me a Chinese welcome song! They were so sweet! They also brought me gifts to welcome me to China...I felt so special, almost like a celebrity!
This is everyone that came and all of our refreshments. We made them Banana bread which they was gone in the first 5 minutes. Crystal light was also a big hit...powder that turns to a wonderful drink! :)
We've had many visitors since I got here because the students are getting ready to leave campus for their winter holiday. This morning we woke up early to meet some students who brought Becca presents and then we sang some songs and talked about many things...
The people here are precious and very sweet and considerate...all of them have just happened to notice that my favorite color is green! One girl met me one day and the next day I saw her she had knitted me a beautiful green scarf...amazing! I mentioned one day that I loved the gloves that have the fingers cut out but you can pull the cover over to make mittens and the next day a girl brought me some of my own! Talk about feeling special and humbled by people thinking for you and enjoying your company...
it's been amazing to be with Becca and to see her life here in China...what a gift that the Father would open doors to let me come halfway across the world!

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Elizabeth said...

Amy, I love you so much and miss you so much! I am so thrilled to see all of the wonderful things you are getting to see in China! I am sure you are such an encouragement to Becca and that she is loving having you there! We prayed for you in Bible Study tonight and missed your joyful presence. I can't wait to see you!