Saturday, January 17, 2009

Korean food and candy strawberries!

Today, after sleeping in of course, we rode an empty bus downtown for another adventure! (This bus is usually packed out with standing room only in the morning, but all the students are home for the Spring festival so we got seats!) Our goals were: eat amazing Korean food and buy fruits and veggies. Anyone surprised that we did SO much more? :) Our first stop was the Korean restaurant as ordered by our growling stomachs...we went with our Indonesian sisters Gloria and Wendi...they were so fun! We had a great time hanging out and experiencing downtown Nanchang together!
After our delicious meal, we wandered around town, went to visit Gloria's fiance Michael, and ended up going to get donuts! They were actually semi-normal with REAL chocolate on them...yum!

We then met one of the other American teachers and his little boy for coffee...during this little coffee excursion at a really nice restaurant called "The Coffee Club", Anthony, the 13 month old managed to destroy nearly everything on the was amusing, to say the least. After he warmed up to us, he loved the mango milkshake I got as well as the Banana split that Wendi was quite the adventure!

After that, we went shopping at Wal-mart and bought some amazing fruits and veggies and some other random groceries...the grocery store in China is so interesting...there were a trillion people there today, i think...

I discovered some new favorites today...I don't know if i've mentioned this but the street food in China is incredible...we've bought tons of amazing things but today, we happened upon fresh strawberries dipped in candy (kinda like a candied apple, only better) on a get 6 strawberries for 5 yuan which is less than a was maybe one of the best things i've ever tasted...i'll take a picture tomorrow when we get it again :)

I've gotten a lot of really cool souvenirs and can't wait to give them to everyone!

Anyways, things are going well...It's been so good to be with Becca here...and I've been learning a lot about the Father's love for me and how deep it is...I've had such sweet time with him here in China...This morning I was reading from james about our passions warring within us and how easy it is to be distracted by so many other things warring for our prayer today amidst the busy streets, the noise, the pollution, the overstimulation, and the chinese that I can't even begin to understand, has been "give me one pure and holy know and follow hard after you"...

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