Monday, January 19, 2009

mcdonalds breakfast, foot massages, and movie marathons!

Yay for another day in China! Today was our day of "relaxation" but as you can see by our awesome photos, we did tons of fun things!

We had an early start with breakfast and time with Father at McDonalds! We experienced some interesting "only in China" moments such as the Ham and Egg McPuff pictured here. :) it was yummy! We also got these little sweepstakes cards and won free things! Becca won a cool coca-cola glass and I won a free Fanta!

We wandered around Nanchang yet again and found some cool shops and I bought this SWEET hairclip!
Today I got to meet Becca's best friend in China, Nancy! She works here with Becca and is really sweet...we ate lunch with her and her fiance (as of today!) and then went and got the most amazing foot massages ever! They gave us tea, then soaked our feet in tea while they massaged our shoulders and back and then they massaged our feet for 45 minutes! (all for only 4 dollars!!!!) I couldn't help but think of how much Alisa and Grandmommie would LOVE the foot massage the entire time they were rubbing my feet! :)

We concluded our day with some fruit shopping, some very American spaghetti for dinner, and a Jane Austen movie marathon during which we ate some yummy, but greasy popcorn with very Chinese of us :)

no worries, more exciting Chinese adventures to come...

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