Wednesday, July 4, 2012


231. an answer for why I've been feeling so bad
232. my mom being here to help me
233. someone from church is bringing me a meal
234. this is the first time someone's brought me a meal
235. tiny needles
236. cool apps that help me track blood sugar and carbs
235. praying friends
236. a God who hears us when we pray
237. a new pillow
238. knowledge that helps me wrap my mind around how my life will change
239. the desire to be healthy
240. the resources to take care of myself
241. time off work
242. savings that enable me to take time off work
243. amazing coworkers who care about me
244. a good endocrinologist
245. it's ok to be sad
246. time to adjust and process
247. fresca
248. my Chinese friends
249. our sweet little Bible study
250. Beth Moore and Breaking Free
251. Isaiah
252. my nalgene
253. email that crosses oceans and continents
254. thursdays
255. a precious friend who offered to give me 2 weeks of her PTO
256. I'm so humbled by the way she loves me
257. Jesus
258. Discipleship
259. I want to read books that feed my soul
260. people to talk to about deep things
261. there's a baby girl coming soon!
262. I know God has never and will never let me down
263. He has my good at heart
264. this is his mercy to me
265. I am soaked in grace
266. he loves me more than I can even begin to imagine
267. I am not forgotten or abandoned
268. I am a daughter of the King
269. I'm alive
270. my heart longs for more of Jesus

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