Saturday, April 21, 2012

201. sleeping babies
202. happy babies
203. the sweet little baby I'm taking care of this weekend
204. I don't have to be alone at all for 2 whole days
205. that it's ok to be sad
206. hope for the future
207. books
208. God reveals himself in his word
209. a solid church and community that really love me
210. the church
211. we're all broken and messy together in pursuit of glory
212. the gift of freedom from self righteousness
213. humility that comes in creative ways
214. the ability to be a tiny bit proud of my weight loss for a second before I believe the lies
215. the road I've walked
216. people notice my weight loss
217. knowing that losing weight is a gift from God
218. he's blessing obedience in taking care of myself in a godly way
219. I won't be done this side of heaven
220. He'll never leave me
221. struggle and tears; a sign of healing
222. pain that's worth it
223. understanding that comes only from the Lord
224. Anne
225. peace in big decisions
226. time to rest
227. long walks
228. it is a cosmic impossibility for God to shortchange His children
229. I am his daughter
230. He is my Father

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