Sunday, February 8, 2009


i'm home. and i love it. sometimes i wish i could be in 2 places at once. but i can't. copper is freaking huge! i want to be an artist. and play the cello. i'm officially a nurse. which is insane and also awesome. i love kids. and i want to be married. but i'm content. Jesus is amazing. my heart is joyful and resting in him and it's so not of me. i finished Shane's book. it rocked my world. not sure what Jesus wants me to do with it yet but i know it's something. we had our India time last night for all our supporters complete with pictures, stories, saris, and dessert! it was so fun. i wished i could've hung out and reminisced with the team more than we could but that will be for another time. i love people. what if i pay off my loans in 2 years? then can i go to africa?

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