Wednesday, February 11, 2009


so i've determined that i don't like discussing huge issues like homosexuality and abortion and the death penalty with people...especially people that i love a lot...i think it's hard cause i don't enjoy disagreeing even though i know it's ok...maybe i'm scared of those issues cause i can see both sides and i don't know how to make a decision about what i believe...but i'm thankful that no matter what i believe, it's not going to affect how i interact with people and how i love's just not that big of a deal...i feel like sometimes the issues cloud what the real heart issues are and it's more fun for people to debate those than to talk about the depths of the sin that we know fills our hearts and our need for rescue from it...but i'm thankful that there are people in my life that call the issues to mind and wrestle with them more than i's good to be reminded that these things really are a struggle for believers and that there's a reason that we don't have all the answers this side of heart breaks over the fact that we even have to discuss things like this and especially over the way that the church has royally screwed up loving people in the past and even's shocking how powerful sin is that it can shift our eyes from the one thing Jesus has called us to over everything else, love, and turn us into judgmental self-righteous buttheads...i've never been more sure of our need for His redemption..

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