Saturday, February 7, 2009

overwhelmed with joy

my heart is overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness right, it blows me away what the Lord is doing in my life and how He's growing me and shaping me and teaching me big things about His character and my identity and how sweet and dangerous it is to follow Jesus...there are too many things to write on this blog but let's just say He's teaching me profound things that are not just cool but are going to affect the way i live and think and love for the rest of my life..

i'm going home tomorrow to see my family and i'm so excited to see them! I'm even excited for the drive because i'm going to listen to more of Irresistible Revolution by Shane about shaking up your view of what the Lord is calling us to as bold followers of Christ...

I still want to go to Africa...I mean, Africa is in surround sound...specifically Kenya and Rwanda...I know I can't go for a few years cause I need to pay off my debt but if the Lord keeps going like He's been going, I'm gonna have to go pretty soon...

I have incredible these people who know me and love me and connect with me on a deep, real, heart level...and they speak truth to me and rejoice with me and weep with me and hug me when I need it...gah, I am so incredibly blessed..

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