Friday, July 16, 2010

the wok

tonight was so fun! I went to C&T wok in Morrisville, my favorite restaurant, with the Jacksons, who have become sweet family in a short time and just love me so well by letting me do life with them..we ate the most authentic Chinese food this side of the Pacific Ocean, put some children to bed, poured some wine, and then watched a movie on the sweet new dvd player :) it was just a good night..

I'm so thankful for the ways that the Lord community is changing so drastically this summer but He's providing for me in radical ways and loving me more into Jesus through it all...Katie's leaving tomorrow and Megan leaves Monday..but I feel sure we'll be friends long past the separation of a few states and an ocean..there's no way Katie and I will survive a season of Gator football without watching at least one game together...and Megan and I will have Skype and the promise of only 11 months away..any longer than that and Cheltenham, here I come! :) Alas, God is furthering His kingdom and he's using my friends to do it...and I'm grateful for Kingdom-mindedness that allows me to rejoice in that!

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