Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a change in Perspective?

tonight, I started Perspectives...it's a 15 week course on missions and the way that God is establishing His kingdom throughout the world...it is going to be AWESOME! I'm already challenged and I've only been to one class...I did kind of think at multiple different times tonight..."Lord, what are you going to call me to as a result of this class?"...because I know He's not a God that teaches us things and broadens our world views for us to sit at home and think about it.

I'm sure I'll be writing about what I'm learning...tonight, the theme was how God's heart is for missions from the beginning of Genesis to the end of Revelation and He loves to let us in on it.

"God has a wonderful plan to sum up all things under His Son as Lord and to glorify His name among the nations for all ages to come. And, He loves you enough to give you a strategic place in it." -David Bryant

chew on that for a few minutes.

I'm challenged to pray. a lot.

I don't see my best friends every day but there's something about one of them being in another country that makes me miss them more. I was telling a friend today, though, that it's pretty amazing how many nations have been impacted by my group of friends...brothers and sisters that I know on a heart level are sharing the gospel all over the world and that is great news!

praise the Lord that He is the one who accomplishes these things...to Him be the glory!

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