Monday, February 15, 2010

Haiti day 9 or so...?

Haiti is awesome. and hot. I've never sweated so much in my life and I've never been so overflowing with love for a people group as I am for these kids I'm taking care of right now. I just love them and am slowly getting to know them, and their hearts and their dreams..

today I learned how to sing "How great Thou art" in Creole. C'est tres difficile..I kept saying "this is very difficult" and they just kept laughing...until I tried to teach it to them in English and then they understood! :) but I got them to write it down and now I can really sing the whole song! it's wonderful and every time I start to sing it, about 20 people join in and it's just so worshipful!

tomorrow, Cindy and I are going to teach the kids the Cupid shuffle...if you don't know what that is, just wait and I'll teach you when I get back :) it's a really fun dance...they're gonna love it!

one of my patients, Paul, has some serious talent...he's absolutely brilliant and his English is great! one of the docs here gave him his English-Creole cheat sheet and he's been absorbing English like crazy! he now asks for water, food, and pain medicine in English :) at first he said "Amy, give me water" so I taught him to say "Amy, may I please have some water" and He's remembered it every day since...He's writing a book in English right says things like "I want you to buy me a camera" and "I want to study to be a doctor"...Cindy and I are planning our kids of our girls, Yveline, is sure to be famous one day...and we're pretty sure another one of our little boys is gonna have diabetes cause he's ALWAYS eating every time we see him...

hilarious...never a dull moment...time for bed...i'm exhausted...more later

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Amy said...

thanks for keeping us all updated with your blog! The children seem to be blessing you so much! I wish you could video tape your teaching the kids the cupid shuffle! Sounds like so much fun!