Thursday, February 18, 2010

Haiti day bazillion and one

we had a dance party with the kids tonight...we taught them the cupid shuffle, sang and danced to ice ice baby, and they taught us some haitian dances! it was SO fun! and it just normalized things here a lot more...I danced with tons of the kids and even our little amputees were up dancing on their crutches or hopping around on their good was a precious sight! we're so glad we decided to dance with them...

we found out a new team of peds nurses and docs are coming in saturday! praise the Lord! so we'll spend Saturday and Sunday morning orienting them and we decided we're taking Sunday afternoon off to be tourists and go stay in the awesome hotel in Cap Haitien before we fly out Monday morning...we're praying that we really trust this new group and that it's a fairly easy's going to be SO hard to let someone else take care of our kids...we've become so possessive and protective of them over these 2 weeks...but, it'll be good...the Lord already knows all about that..

tomorrow night, we're having a slumber party with the kids and we're planning to sleep in the hospital with them and maybe watch a should be quite the experience :)

we're working on finding the families of 4 of our kids so pray that something comes up soon...and a couple of them need to go to the states for surgery but the logistics are just ridiculous so we're praying that all of that goes through soon...but all in all, they're doing well and moving in the right direction...

ok, gonna go shower and sleep! hope all is well!

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