Monday, April 16, 2012

again and again

161. new mercies every morning
162. grace for not-so-wise choices
163. victory promised in my sweet Savior
164. long walks with a dear friend
165. God's provision in the form of a dear friend
166. the look on an 8 year old nephew's face when he opens his bday present
167. the "rockstar aunt" status that lasts for a few hours after receipt of said present
168. knowing him well enough to know that he'd love it
169. hugs and kisses from a tiny best friend
170. baby kicks
171. the anticipation of baby's arrival
172. fresh tomatoes, locally grown
173. Gluten free hamburger buns from Trader Joe's!
174. fresh picked strawberries
175. a busy week
176. 21st century communication abilities
177. tulips, two-toned
178. tomorrow is one step closer to redemption in full
179. bedtime!
180. sweet sleep that is restful

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