Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gratitude continued

two posts in one day...woah!

43. my job
44. a manager who understands life
45. and encourages me with scripture
46. Corey and Olivia
47. Sara and her gentle kindness and empathy
48. baby girl clothes
49. feelings that serve as warnings and signposts
50. my mama
52. raspberry soy white mocha goodness
53. weight loss
54. being 181
55. Psalm 125:1-2
56. randomly running into Corey at Starbucks
57. the mountains surrounding Jerusalem
58. the concept of being surrounded
59. Laura's willingness to work for me
60. Laurie's desire to work for Laura
61. the way God just works things out
62. email
63. this deep joy that comes from being loved
64. Alisa got her internship!!!!
65. and it's in NC!!!
66. answered prayer
67. love and selflessness in little glimpses
68. a promise that this isn't our home
69. tater tots
70. Hulu where I can watch Castle

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