Wednesday, April 18, 2012


181. getting my daily dose of Matt Chandler in person!
182. Shane and Shane
183. and their ability to usher a group of people into true, powerful worship
184. Matt's not afraid to step on people's toes
185. and God has gifted him immensely in sharing the gospel
186. catching up with old friends
187. the small world that lets me run into old friends
188. a sweet brother who reminds me of God's pursuit of his people
189. a sweet sister who reminds me that joy is rooted deep and contagious
190. people who aren't afraid to dance and raise their hands in worship
191. the rain
192. old emails that help me grieve
193. wise advice from a friend on transition
194. tomorrow's Thursday
195. sleeping in...ish
196. salmon burgers
197. fresh fruit
198. living alone for a few days
199. a new book in discipleship
200. a promise that God loves me and delights in me

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