Friday, April 13, 2012


121. honey nut chex
122. hulu plus
123. long walks in beautiful weather
124. good sermons
125. the conviction of the Holy Spirit
126. friends who care about me
127. a love for reading
128. excitement for a new season
129. the ability to grieve loss
130. the friend who taught me to grieve loss
131. flowers
132. zucchini lasagna
133. a surprise visit from my mom and step dad
134. cool iphone updates
135. sleep
136. reese's cups are gluten free
137. as is most candy (which is actually not helpful in life)
138. but it tastes lovely!
139. new t-shirts
140. earbuds
141. a ticket to Honduras
142. Honduras only a month away
143. diet snapple peach tea packets
144. a heart for the nations
145. no idea what's next for me, which strengthens my faith
146. "think less for your preference and more for the kingdom"
147. freedom to be who I am
148. joy in repentance and faith
149. community that loves
150. freedom to say no when I need to and not worry about losing love
151. forgiveness and grace when things aren't quite right
152. renter's insurance
153. little boy birthdays
154. best friend birthdays--lots in April!
155. peace that passes understanding fleshed out in my week
156. a soft heart
157. the promise that the Lord surrounds me
158. and knows me
159. and provides endlessly
160. and cherishes and delights in me the way I long to be cherished and loved

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ssinnes said...

141 and 142 are my favorites :) Not than I'm biast...