Tuesday, April 10, 2012


71. taco tuesday
72. friends who go to taco tuesday
73. and who humor my obsession with fro yo
74. people who protect me
75. and who don't have to work very hard to love me
76. kind words
77. wisdom, the kind God says to ask for in James 3
78. a God who keeps his promises
79. soft blankets
80. wise counsel
81. hugs
82. friends who understand my heart
83. books that challenge me
84. the adoration of a sweet 7 year old girl
85. fun, careless rapport with a 14 year old kid
86. smiles on sick kids' faces
87. memories with old friends
88. the addition of new friends
89. Jason, Sara, and Haley
90. my sewing machine
91. Easter baskets
92. jelly beans. all 9 brands I've consumed in the past 2 days
93. the fact that 9 brands of jelly beans exist
94. and they're all good!
95. vegetables to balance out the extreme amount of candy I've eaten
96. diet coke
97. the perfect weather to sit outside and catch up with friends
98. a life worth living
99. hot tub
100. Hunger Games book 1
101. a roommate who likes to read aloud
102. walks around the neighborhood
103. sisters
104. one of which is moving to NC in a few months!
105. 3 extra vacation days in the summer
106. a trip to Honduras
107. the ability to get out of this country
108. a heart for the nations
109. coupons
110. enough money to give
111. Love that lasts
112. a Savior who embodies that love
113. horses who are therapists with fur
114. volunteer opportunities
115. a teenage girl who just wants to be around me
116. 2 concerts coming up: Shane and Shane, and JJ Heller with Audrey Assad!
117. people who want to go with me to aforementioned concerts
118. women and men who sing my heart when I don't have the words
119. humility
120. words

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